Z005: Anomalies of the Liquid System BLACK

from Molten House Media

Molten House Media VHS Zine No. 005

Anomalies of the Liquid System

Standard Black VHS with double printed jacket and clear clamshell cases.

In this issue, our travelers enter a gooey, fuzzy portal to a hidden dimension. Bands of excited atomic energy race across, as their minds stretch out past the infinity. Time and language are useless here. Existence is useless here. Your anomalies flow freely.
Welcome to the Liquid System.

Video Art by Steve Pavlovsky of Liquid Light Lab
Media Production by Molten House Media

COLOR/TRT 60 min

Recorded live by Liquid Light Lab in New York, NY

Creative Commons License extended to other video artists, home enthusiasts and weirdos.
Commercial License available upon request.

All tapes are handmade and final product may differ from photographs shown

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